Introducing our New Executive Committee

We are delighted to welcome newly elected members to the USFA Executive Committee: Erika Dyck (History), Mark Meyers (History), Anne Springer (Nursing), and Jesse Stewart (Linguistics). We welcome back for another term Doug Chivers (Biology), and Eric Neufeld (Computer Science).

We thank our outgoing members, Patricia Farnese (Law), Len Findlay (English), and John Moraros (Public Health). Without the commitment of those members who dedicate their time and energy to the work of the Executive and its standing committees, the USFA would not be able to function.

With regret we announce as well the departure of Carol Henry, Assistant Dean of Nutrition and Dietetics. Carol gave notice in April that she is unable to serve on the Executive for the remaining year of her term due to many administrative and research responsibilities. Carol will be missed: her voice and judgment and ethical probity constituted a valuable contribution to our committee. She has served the USFA well, and we thank her most sincerely for her contributions.

In advance of this year’s elections to the Executive, our membership approved changes to restructure the Executive Committee Categories. Carol was elected to Category B under the old Constitution. Currently in that Category are Richard Julien (Linguistics), with one year left in his term, and Mark Meyers, just elected to the same category. Under the new Constitution, there are just two positions in Category B and six in Category D. As a result, we are left with an opening in Category D (Members at Large).

With election results for Category D showing that the next highest number of votes after Jesse Stewart (257 total votes) is Linda McMullen (256 total votes), the Executive Committee passed a motion on May 5 to fill the vacancy created by Carol’s resignation with the appointment of Linda. We are delighted to announce that she will remain with us for a one-year term.

Professor in Psychology and our current Vice Chair, Linda has been an exemplary member of our Executive for the past two years: thoughtful, experienced, empathetic, and ethical, she has chaired JCMA with dignity, firmness and grace.

We are very much looking forward to working next year with such a fine balance of new and experienced members.

Your Executive Committee for 2017-18:

Doug Chivers (Biology)

Erika Dyck (History)

Susan Fowler Kerry (Nursing)

Richard Julien (Linguistics)

Linda McMullen (Psychology)

Mark Meyers (History)

Allison Muri (English)

Eric Neufeld (Computer Science)

Anne Springer (Nursing)

Vicki Squires (Educational Administration)

Jesse Stewart (Linguistics)

Larry Stewart (History)