UManitoba Faculty Association votes 86% in favour of strike

The University of Manitoba Faculty Association has voted 86% in favour of strike action, and is seeking a one-year deal with an average salary increase of 6.9%. UMFA is demanding a raise that would lift its members from the bottom of the salary scale seen in the U15 group of universities. The union has claimed that the university is sitting on tens of millions of dollars earmarked for capital projects and its strategic plan, which could be used to raise salaries and benefits.

In addition to financial concerns, UMFA is demanding a number of provisions that may sound familiar to U of S members, namely:

  • a prohibition on so-called performance indicators
  • stronger language on workload
  • to curb the power of Deans by increasing the power of members voting in Council
  • that the administration hold themselves to the fair, reasonable, and equitable exercise of their management rights
  • stronger language on privacy and confidentiality.

The administration, meanwhile, is attempting to cut complement language, eliminate language protecting past practices, eliminate job security provisions for term and contingent faculty, and increase the benefits offered to administrators.