Pre-Election Forum – Party Plans for Post-Secondary Education

Tuesday, March 1
2:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Neatby-Timlin Theatre (241 Arts)

Come hear firsthand what each of the provincial parties plan for the immediate future of post-secondary education in Saskatchewan.

The Government of Saskatchewan holds tremendous sway over the state of post-secondary education in our province. The governing party allocates the operating funds post-secondary institutions receive. It chooses which capital projects it will fund. It chooses which research it will support. And, it chooses the majority of appointees to boards that govern post-secondary institutions in Saskatchewan.

What are the provincial parties’ plans for post-secondary education in Saskatchewan? This forum is an opportunity to pose questions of your own about where we are headed and why.

Representatives from the Saskatchewan Party, the New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Progressive Conservative Party and the Green Party of Saskatchewan will be in attendance.

This event is hosted by the Saskatchewan Association of University Teachers (SAUT) in conjunction with the St. Thomas More Faculty Union and the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association. It is not a debate between parties and is open to anyone interested in attending.

SAUT is the voice for more than 2,300 academic and professional staff at Saskatchewan Universities.