Reporting on Outside Consulting

You will have received a recent communication from the Vice-Provost Faculty Relations directing anyone who is a member of the USFA to report any outside consulting. It is the view of the USFA Executive that this directive conflicts with and undermines the agreed upon process in the Collective Agreement and we have raised it at the Joint Committee for the Management of the Agreement (JCMA).

The Collective Agreement (Article 18.6.1) expressly entitles members “to engage in consulting, employment, and clinical practice outside of the University, provided that it does not interfere with the assigned duties” of the member.

Article 18.6.2 of the Agreement requires members to annually report “all outside consulting, employment and clinical practice in excess of 12 working days per year, except that performed on weekends, vacations and holidays.” Members are not obliged to report that they do not engage in consulting; nor are they obliged to report that they engage in consulting for fewer than 12 working days per year.

Should you encounter problems with regards to the reporting of outside consulting, contact the USFA office immediately.

If you have questions about these or other Collective Agreement provisions, simply let us know in a reply to this email and someone will get back to you.

The objectives of JCMA include reviewing matters of mutual concern between the USFA and the employer, especially those arising from the management of the agreement. You can find more information about JCMA in Article 32 of the Collective Agreement.