Get Research Right – research policy and funding is a federal election issue

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Louis’ Loft: September 29, 3:00-6:00 pm
Station 20 West: October 2, 2:00-5:00 pm

Academic staff, librarians, and research scientists in Canada are outraged over the Federal Conservative Government’s repeated undermining of Canadian research and scholarship.


The government has chosen to muzzle scientists by gradually tightening media protocols for federal scientists and other government workers. Prominent researchers have been prevented from discussing published, peer-reviewed literature.


The Federal Conservative Government is also choosing to cut staff and programs that support and facilitate research in Canada. Library staff and programs have been cut, and precious library materials dumped, burned, or scavenged by private consultants.

Funding future?

Government policies have curtailed and transformed university research funding programs: more and more CEOs and politicians decide what research projects are worth funding, instead of peer researchers and scholars. The Federal Government has chosen to increase funding for industry-related research, decrease funding to granting councils, and change the way grants are awarded.

An election issue

The choices of federal governments about research and science policy and funding are an election issue that directly impacts us. We need to have a candid discussion about party and candidate positions on research policy and funding, and we need to give thorough consideration to this topic when it comes to our choices on election-day.

We need to talk

Please plan to attend one or both of the gatherings at Louis’ Loft and Station 20 West to discuss these issues. Ask your local candidates where their party stands on research and science policy and funding. And on October 19 choose a government that will get research right.

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