It’s About Choice

Senior Administrators and the Board of Governors have made a number of choices in the last few years because they believed that the U of S was facing a financial crisis. Using this financial rationale, they chose to reduce the non-faculty workforce and to embark on TransformUS. The upheaval our university has been experiencing has been a result of these choices.

While we have come through a tumultuous spring, and some challenges have been addressed, the outcome of TransformUS is still uncertain. We know that “university leaders are taking some time over the summer to determine next steps” and “to assess which actions will proceed right away and which require further discussion or consultation” (TransformUS Blog, June 20, 2014). We expect that very soon we will begin to hear the results of these deliberations.

The USFA has created a website about TransformUS and the rationale on which it is premised. As we await information about next steps, we invite you to visit

If the reasons for reducing the workforce and embarking on TransformUS no longer exist where does that leave us? What choices will be made by Senior Administrators and the Board of Governors now? There are many important questions to ask and much to be considered. Whatever happens next, it’s about choice.