TransformUS and the Financial Crisis

“The goal for TransformUS is to obtain $20-25 million in permanent annual savings, or approximately five per cent of the university’s total operating budget. In addition, $5 million will be reallocated to top priority programs and services that would benefit from increased resources.” (Provost and Vice-President Academic Fairburn, report to University Council, January 2014)

The process of TransformUS was initiated to address a $44.5 million projected shortfall in the operating budget to occur by 2015-16. The USFA’s position is that there is precious little evidence that the projected shortfall will occur (Collectively Speaking: “Speaking of TransformUS…”). The goal to obtain $20-25 million in permanent annual operating budget savings is not a necessity, but rather, a choice of the Board of Governors and Senior Administrators. The need to cut programs and lay-off faculty and staff for financial reasons seems unjustified.

The USFA disputes the necessity of the goal of TransformUS and is principally opposed to the tactic of involuntary job loss to achieve that goal.