When to go for tenure or promotion – Third in a series

The Collective Agreement is clear that you must meet the approved standards for tenure and promotion. Sometimes, candidates who have met the standard are advised to “wait until your case is stronger”. This may be well-intentioned, but can delay tenure or pay grades that you are entitled to.

No one – not your Dean, Department Head, colleagues, not even your external referees – can require you to exceed the standards by arbitrary amounts. Your Dean or Department Head cannot “gate” your case. Your colleagues have a duty to vote on the question “does the candidate meet the standard?” in the applicable categories, and then to vote consistently on the question “should tenure/promotion be awarded?”

The external referee also cannot impose additional standards on the candidate case. Sample letters to externals are clear on this point. External referees are called upon to judge independently whether you have met your standards. Comments like “the candidate would not receive tenure/promotion at my institution” are inappropriate. Different institutions have different expectations at different times for different and good reasons.

Questions about promotion or tenure? Simply let us know in a reply to this email and someone will contact you. You can also contact the USFA office by phone at 306-966-5609.

Anyone planning to go for tenure or promotion this year is welcome to join USFA representatives for lunch on April 9 or 12 to talk about the process. We have booked the Club Room downstairs at the University Club from 11:30 to 1:30.   Just let us know (306-966-5610) if you would like to attend.