University Council, the GAA and Faculty at the U of S

University Council has the statutory authority for academic programs and will be asked to approve recommendations affecting academic programs that come out of the TransformUS prioritization process. The decisions being made will presumably change the landscape of post-secondary education at the U of S and across Saskatchewan.

Oversight for Council comes from the General Academic Assembly (GAA) and, as seen recently with respect to the College of Medicine, it has the ability to intercede in the academic decision-making process and direct Council to reconsider decisions to establish or disestablish academic units. The GAA also has the ability to dissolve Council requiring an election for new members.

As a faculty member at the U of S, you play a pivotal role in the TransformUS process. You have a right to stand for election to become a member of Council. You also have the right to attend Council meetings, ask questions and voice your opinion even if you are not a member of Council. In addition, you are a member of the GAA and entitled to vote on decisions that come before it.

The USFA is not in the business of setting the academic agenda. That is the responsibility of faculty. The importance of your involvement in collegial governance cannot be emphasized enough.