Due Diligence and Fairness

The Fall is the time of year when you deliberate on your colleagues’ renewal of probation, tenure and promotion. The Collective Agreement gives us the right – and the duty – to make these decisions and we have to exercise them with the greatest of all due diligence.

If you are a committee member, the only way to guarantee due process and guard against unfairness in the process is to make sure: (1) you understand the procedures spelled out in the Collective Agreement; (2) you apply the approved standards of your unit; and, especially, (3) you have read and evaluated the case file of each candidate.

If you are a candidate, you must make sure that your case file is complete and well prepared!

If you feel that your vote was influenced by things other than the facts of the candidate’s case, we would like to hear about it. You can respond to this message in confidence by simply replying to this email.