How Restructuring in the College of Medicine Affects us all

Recent events in the College of Medicine prove that the principle of collegial governance is in good health at the University of Saskatchewan.

At its September 20th meeting, University Council was required by an action of the General Academic Assembly (a voting body including all faculty members) to reconsider its May 17th motion to impose restructuring upon the College of Medicine in short order.

Unhappy with the top-down process, faculty members in Medicine sought redress through the General Academic Assembly. In a remarkable turn of events on September 20th, the President asked all present to vote down the motion, so that a team that includes the sponsors of the original motion, as well as representatives from the College of Medicine, can collaborate on putting together a new proposal by year’s end.

The President’s actions demonstrated a refreshing respect for the principle of collegial decision making.

It should be noted that comparable top-down actions forced the Faculty Association to seek certification in 1978, so that collegial processes (as defined in the Collective Agreement) would receive the force of law.