September 26 Speak-out BBQ 11:30 between Arts & Thorvaldson

On Wednesday, September 26, the USFA along with other campus bargaining units, including CUPE 1975 and ASPA, as well as SGEU, an off-campus bargaining unit will be hosting a speak-out barbecue on the west end of the Bowl between the Arts and Thorvaldson Buildings from 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.

By eating a free hot dog, you have the potential to help increase the lifetime earnings of all U of S graduates who choose to stay in Saskatchewan by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Let us explain. The provincial government has initiated a review of all labour legislation in the province. The targeted legislation includes acts that impact all working people in this province – legislation that affects the minimum wage, statutory holidays, overtime pay, vacation times, and safety regulations and procedures. The changes being bandied about will have the biggest impact on those just about to enter the workforce – namely, graduates of our university, and our children. The success of workers, employers and the province depends on fair labour laws.

By attending this barbecue, not only will you enjoy a tasty snack, you will also hear a few speakers, who we hope will get you thinking about how the overhaul of labour legislation would impact our graduates and our children. Come see what you can do to help improve their working conditions!