An Interview With Peter Millard (Issue #12 – March 1993)

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Peter Millard was appointed in 1964 as a Special Lecturer at the U of S and retired on December 31, 1991 as a full Professor. He published articles, reviews and stories. He was the author of two books and wrote an analysis of human rights and the Conservative Government entitled Devine Rule in Saskatchewan.  Dr. Millard was head of the Department of English from 1985 until his retirement in December of 1991 and served on the USFA Executive Committee for several terms beginning in 1984. He was USFA Chair for 1987-88 during the only strike in USFA history. This issue of Vox is an interview between Millard and Vox Editorial Board member Douglas Thorpe that took place on December 21, 1991, Professor Millard’s last day in his office.

An Interview with Peter Millard