The new merit pool

The total merit pool for 2011-2012 is 785 CDIs. The current agreement states that at least two-thirds of these must be full merits, making it possible to award a maximum of about 1050 awards (525 full and 525 halves).

The new merit system is intended to be transparent. Decisions must be made by a committee of at least four members, with rankings and rationales reported back to the entire unit.

There is enough merit to award all contributions, not just research. On average there are 0.71 increments available per member.

Departments have been given money to award at the department level, and can also recommend colleagues to the College for either additional or first-time merit.

This is the first year for implementation of the new merit system. We want you to let us know your views on the new system, as we are rapidly approaching a new round of negotiations. You can let us know what you think by replying to this e-Letter, or you can write our Chief Negotiator directly at